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By: Karli Willden New Office Location   Yes, the rumors are true! Barton Consulting recently moved locations and closed our Rexburg office. Due to the growing number of clients and employees in the Idaho Falls area, moving locations was in the best interest of our company. While we have enjoyed our stay in Rexburg, our main office is now located at 255 B Street #317 in downtown Idaho Falls. We look forward to operating out of this new location!   Platinum Sponsor at ConnectShare   In the last... Read More
Idaho SEO Company
  By: Karli Willden   There is a right way and a wrong way to improve your website’s presence through search engine optimization. Everyone wants their website to be ranked at the top of the search engine results page to increase traffic to their website, build brand awareness and have more website conversions. Google has an algorithm which determines the website’s rankings on the search engine. The driving force and purpose behind this algorithm is to improve the user experience of the search... Read More