Every website can come in many different forms, some of which are more effective for different users.  WordPress is most commonly the best, user-friendly option for many reasons, such as those listed below. Easy to Use The WordPress dashbard is intuitive. There are links to edit pages on each page. The editing dashbard is clean and well designed based on the input of thousands of users in the community. Search Engine Friendly Search Engines LOVE WordPress. Assuming that the theme is... Read More
  Have you ever thought that your website is a living breathing organism? Kind of silly, right? Your website may not be a sentient being where it thinks and acts for itself, but it does need to be an active, current, fresh place for your customers to come and learn about your products and services. When's the last time you updated your website? When's the last time you refreshed the site's design? When's the last time someone viewed your website? Many people get stuck in the "a website is a... Read More