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By: Karli Willden Latest Google update is all about responsive design for someone using a tablet or browsing on a phone. Google's Latest Mobile Usability Update   If there is only one constant in the world, it is change. Google recently updated its algorithm guidelines for mobile usability and responsive websites. What this means is those websites with responsive design and better mobile usability will be ranked higher than those without. Mobile usability might include the speed of the website... Read More
Idaho SEO
By: Karli Willden Let me start off with a question. If you wanted to learn more on a subject, say content marketing, would you prefer having to click through five shorter, shallow blog posts about the subject from the same source, or find everything you need to know in one in-depth and detailed blog post? More than likely you will prefer the in-depth article, over five shallow reads. People, including Google, care more about quality than quantity.     Google Ranking   Google ranks the most... Read More